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Persistent cough

"12/01/2009 - I came here because I had a cold that would't dissapear. Coughing, and throwing up phlegm and not being able to smell. Total lack energy. It lasted three months without any improvement, even though I used: antibiotic, codeine, a prednisone-like something. After 4 treatments my smell returned and only occasionally I have small coughing attacks. Energy is back now and hope it remains so. "

Thick eyes and skin rash

"08/04/2009 - A while ago I was suffering from very thick puffy eyes. They were very thick and red. Then I went to the doctor. Got hay fever pills, but that was it and it didn't work. Doctor would let go of me like this, but my eyes were still so thick. Then I came here. Did acupuncture and chinese herbal therapy. Within two days my eyes were all okay. My back also hurted. For this I got acupuncture twice. Now I feel completely relaxed and I feel very good".


"2/14/2009 - I was suffering from a dry and red skin on my face and neck. Before I went to two different doctors, who both have several prescribed medications for acne. That helped for a while but then the acne came back. Then I went to Dr. Yi for Chinese medicine. I have received a treatment for 8 days and my skin is already much better. After today I still need to do this treatment for 2 more times ans if all goes well, my skin will then be cured ".

Neck-shoulder and arm complaints

"12/22/2008 - I was suffering from neck-shoulder and arm complaints (left): my thumb, hand and sometimes my arm started tingling. Very annoying, because I can not do anything with that arm. After just one treatment I could use my arm again. After the full treatment, I have no complaints anymore. No tingling and such things. THE chinese herbal medicine, to be hounest, tasted dirty, but will certainly have contributed to my recovery. Acupuncture, after this experience, I can advice to anybody."


"10/03/2007 - before I came here, I had pain associated with RS. For 12 months already I suffered from RSI. For these complaints I visited the regular docter, the company doctor, a physiotherapist, Cesar therapist, chiropractic and a RSI Prevention Coach. However, my pain is not so much decreased. Due to advice of a friend, I came here to try if TCM would help. 2 months after acupuncture and herbal tea the pain decreased properly. These quick results I passed on to my colleagues and to the company doctor. I am very pleased about the entire treatment and I can recommend everyone to try it, especially people with RSI complaints."


"3/10/2007 - I suffer very bad from acne. It started approximately when I was 16 years. I am now 22 years years old, but the last two years were very bad. I really that those great pimples. My whole face was a bit destroyed. And those pimples that just kept coming. I had tried everything except laser. All kinds of cream's, gel's medicines, etc. But nothing helped. I visited different kind of beauty experts and dermatologists, but not results. I almost gave up hope. Fortunately, someone advised to come here. The doctor looked at me and knew immediatly the cause of my acne. She gave me a cream, some Chinese medicines, and applied a few acupuncture treatments.

The first week already yielded results. The pimples and scars disappeared gradually and did not come back. It took about 3 months to recovered completely. Thanks to the doctor> I am very grateful to her. "

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