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Tui-Na therapy

Tui Na is a form of Oriental bodywork that has been used in China for centuries. A combination of massage, acupressure and other forms of body manipulation, Tui Na works by applying pressure to acupoints, meridians and groups of muscles or nerves to remove blockages that prevent the free flow of Qi. Removing these blockages restores the balance of Qi in the body, leading to improved health and vitality.


In a typical Tui Na session, the client remains clothed but wears loose clothing, and sits on a massage chair or table. The practitioner will ask the patient a series of questions, and then begin treatment based on the answers to those questions. Tui Na practitioners may employ a variety of methods to achieve their goal. Commonly used techniques include soft tissue massage, acupressure and manipulation. Practitioners may sometimes use herbal compresses, liniments, ointments and heat to enhance these techniques.




Foot reflexology is based upon the principle that there is a reflected map of the physical, mental and energy bodies on the feet. The therapist diagnoses conditions related to specific points on our feet. While massaging and pressing the feet, the organs of the body are stimulated both physically and energetically.


Reflexology helps to restore the energy flow between our organs and our body and has a cleaning and balancing effect upon our whole being, helping the body heal itself.


Reflexology is an effective treatment for a wide range of physical problems, such as chronic pain, allergies, arthritis, PMS, Fertility, acne, asthma, migraine, hormonal disorders, disturbances of the digestive, bowel disorders, diabetes, eczema, gall or kidney stones, thyroid imbalance, back problems, hernia, tinnitus, whiplash, nervous, immune systems, Stress and Depression. It is also helpful for emotional issues. Each session is very relaxing and can help to restore lost energy.

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